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Corporate Philosophy + New Corporate Message

Corporate Philosophy + New Corporate Message

NNR Group Corporate Philosophy

The Corporate Philosophy of the NNR Group consists of the following three philosophies:

Basic Philosophy

The NNR Group will keep providing confidence, comfort, and enjoyment through our businesses which connect people and carry their expectations, walk hand in hand with communities, and develop together.

Management Philosophy

Management to bring out the best in people

We create the vibrant corporate climate where people are respected for their humanity; the best in people is brought out, and they are fostered.

Creation of our customers' expectations

We put ourselves in our customers' shoes, respond to their expectations, and provide products and services which create their expectations.

Creation of new business values

We accurately ascertain the demands of the present age and create new business values that we can share with society.

Harnessing the NNR Group's collective strength

We respect independence and individuality, cooperate with each other, and harness the NNR Group's collective strength.

Code of Conduct

The joy of our customers is our joy.

We put ourselves in our customers' shoes.

We value can-do spirit.

We act positively with originality and ingenuity.

We are proud to be members of the NNR Group.

We improve ourselves, play our roles, and take responsibility.

We create vibrant workplaces.

We talk with our colleagues and deepen mutual trust and partnership.

Corporate Message

Connecting your dreams

People’s aspirations create the future. This is what the NNR Group believes.
Creating new products or services, making our lives better, and creating ideal towns all originate from people’s aspirations. Therefore, we strive to place value on the aspirations of every customer and every employee as we seek to create the future.
The corporate message entitled “Connecting your dreams” expresses a sense of expectation for and a sense of the scale with which the NNR Group’s businesses will expand going forward. We share dreams with our customers and local residents, all of whom are in various different stages of life, and we seek to grow together with them. This is the vision we strive toward every day as a corporate group.
The dreams of our customers, the dreams of local residents, and the dreams of every employee of the NNR Group-we strive to connect dreams as we create new towns together.