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CSR Management Policy and Promotional System

CSR Management Policy and Promotional System

CSR Management Policy

CSR Management Policy

For our group, CSR is the execution of our corporate philosophy. In accordance to our corporate philosophy, our goal is to be a corporation which is appreciated and trusted by society. In other words, we must contribute to the continuous development of the community as a “good corporate citizen.

While performing business activities, it also means that we need to continually respond to the expectations of stakeholders, including the community, our customers, and our employees.

CSR Promotional System

The fundamental form of CSR management requires the instinctive fulfillment of the corporate philosophy by the employees within daily business activities.

Our Group has established a “Fundamental Policies for Internal Control System” “Compliance Policy” and other key themes as the policies that form the foundation of our CSR management and we place these into practice in our business activities in order to get closer to this ideal.

We are also promoting CSR activities through the establishment of the CSR Promotion Meeting and various committees to assist the President’ s decision-making by discussing important policies and courses of action.

Nishitetsu Group Corporate Philosophy