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IC card business

Types of cards


This card can be used to pay for bus and train fares and make purchases in stores, with users accruing points each time they ride on buses and trains.

Star nimoca

Star nimoca
By registering as members, users also benefit from points when shopping in addition to when riding on buses and trains.

Credit Nimoca

Credit Nimoca
This card comes with a credit card function. In addition to when riding on buses and trains, users also earn points when shopping and further points when using the credit card function. Holders of this card can also make use of an auto charge service.

Timeline of events following the introduction of the nimoca service

Date Event Date Event
May 18, 2008 “nimoca” services start September 20, 2012 “Student ID nimoca” service commences at Junshin Gakuen/Junshin Junior College
March 16, 2009 Bus commuter pass services start March 23, 2013 Nationwide interoperable transport system IC cards launched
April 27 “JMBnimoca” services, a collaborative card with JAL, start April 1 nimoca is introduced on JR KYUSHUBUS COMPANY services
August 30 nimoca is introduced on all routes for commuter buses and 14 routes for short distance highway buses July 16 The number of nimoca cards issued tops 2 million
October 27 nimoca is introduced in all Lawson stores in Fukuoka Prefecture September 2 Applications commence for “ALL IN ONE nimoca”, a collaborative card with the Nishi-Nippon City Bank
February 27, 2010 nimoca is introduced on Showa Buses March 28, 2014 nimoca is introduced on Kumamoto City Tram services
March 13 nimoca is introduced at all stations on the Nishitetsu Kaizuka Line
Mutual usage services begin with Kyushu Railway Company’s IC card (SUGOCA), Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau’s Hayaka-ken and East Japan Railway Company’s Suica
December 15 Applications commence for Kumamoto Bank “arecore nimoca”
and the Fukuoka Chuo Bank “MUSBO nimoca”
May 7 The number of nimoca cards issued tops 1 million March 2015 “Student ID nimoca” service commences at Chikushi Jogakuen Senior and Junior High School
December 20 Applications commence for “arecore nimoca”, a collaborative card with the Bank of Fukuoka March 14 nimoca is introduced on Chikuho Electric Railroad Co, Ltd services
December 26 Services commence in the Oita area November 2 Applications commence for “taiyo patona nimoca”, a collaborative card with the Miyazaki Taiyo Bank
March 20, 2011 Services commence in the Beppu area November 14 nimoca is introduced on Miyazaki Kotsu Co., Ltd. services
March 25 “Student ID nimoca” service commences at Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University    

nimoca coverage

nimoca coverage
This symbol denotes nationwide interoperable transport system IC cards. You can use nimoca on trains and buses and at stores with this symbol throughout Japan.

* Not available for use with some transportation providers.
* Card can be used for making purchases at stores which accept transportation card-type electronic money.
* PiTaPa cannot be used for electronic money.