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Logistics Industry

International logistics business

Our international logistics business goes back to 1948, when we obtained a qualification to act as an agency for airlines and started handling air cargo.
In 1957, a joint investment enabled us to launch a mixed cargo service for freight from Japan destined for overseas. In 1971, we opened up our first ever overseas office in the U.S., marking the beginning of our global expansion.
On November 19, 2014, we received approval from Tokyo Customs as an Authorized Logistics Operator under the AEO system. The AEO system grants approval to operators who have put in place security management and legal compliance systems for handling cargo. Operators approved by the customs director benefit from relaxed and simplified customs procedures.
We received approval as an Authorized Warehouse Operator in January 2009, and as an Authorized Customs Broker in February 2011, meaning that we have now obtained approval in all three systems for logistics operators within the AEO system. We are the fourth company in Japan to obtain approval in all three systems, and the first major forwarder to do so.

Overseas offices (as of July 1, 2016) 98 cities in 25 countries/regions

world map
Atlanta Paris* Dalian Kuala Lumpur
Indianapolis Milan* Tianjin Penang
Cleveland Wroclaw Tsingtao Johor Bahru
San Francisco Warsaw Shenyang Sepang
Seattle Prague Tangshan Malacca
Chicago Ostrava Guangzhou Jakarta
Charlotte Frankfurt Shenzhen Seoul
Cincinnati Kempten Amoy Busan
St. Louis Munich Wuhan Yingcheng
Dallas Hamburg Zhengzhou Delhi
Detroit Dusseldorf Fuzhou Bangalore
New York Stuttgart Shanghai (Waigaoqiao) Mumbai
Phoenix Budapest Taipei Chennai
Boston Amsterdam Taichung Kolkata
Miami Rotterdam Kaohsiung Pune
Minneapolis Brussels Taoyuan Hyderabad
Los Angeles Hong Kong Tainan Ahmadabad
Portland Shanghai Hsinchu Manila
Sao Paulo* Hangzhou Singapore Cebu
Mexico City Suzhou Bangkok Ho Chi Minh
Guadalajara Chengdu Suvarnabhumi Hanoi
London Ningbo Laem Chabang Sydney
Manchester Chongqing Amata Nakorn Melbourne
Glasgow Wuxi Chiang Mai Yangon*
Northampton Beijing    

*:Overseas representative offices

Overseas companies

Country/region name Investment ratio Country/region name Investment ratio
USA Nishitetsu 100% Indonesia Nishitetsu 75%
UK Nishitetsu 100% India(※3) Nishitetsu 100%
Germany Nishitetsu 51% Shanghai Nishitetsu 49%
Hungary Germany 100% Beijing USA 66%
Netherlands USA 100% Guangzhou Hong Kong 100%
South Korea (*1) Nishitetsu 50% Shanghai (Waigaoqiao) Nishitetsu 100%
Hong Kong USA 100% Philippines Nishitetsu 60%
Taiwan USA 80% Vietnam Nishitetsu 99%
Thailand (*2) Nishitetsu 49% Mexico Nishitetsu 100%
Malaysia Nishitetsu 15% Australia Nishitetsu 100%
Singapore Nishitetsu 51%    

*1…Nishitetsu 15% USA 35%
*2…Nishitetsu 48% USA 1%
*3…Nishitetsu 50% USA 50%

Overseas representative offices

Region Office
Europe, South America, Southeast Asia Paris, Milan, Sao Paulo, Yangon