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Distribution Industry

Distribution Industry

Supermarkets/liquor stores

 In terms of our supermarket and liquor store businesses, we run two store chains in the Fukuoka, Kitakyushu and Chikugo areas of Fukuoka Prefecture, along with Saga Prefecture: Nishitetsu Store Inc. and UNCLE FUJIYA.

No. of stores

  Supermarkets Liquor stores
Nishitetsu Store Nishitetsu Store
Reganet Cute
Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka metropolitan area 27 4 - 31 4
Kitakyushu metropolitan area 16 - - 16 -
Chikugo area 8 - 3 11 6
Saga Prefecture 1 - 5 6 16
Total 52 4 8 64 26

(As of the end of March, 2016)

  • Nishitetsu Store

  • Reganet


Sales of miscellaneous everyday items

Our group company INCUBE NISHITETSU is responsible for running INCUBE, a store specializing in miscellaneous everyday items. Our flagship store opened in Tenjin in 1999; since then, we have opened a total of 12 stores in Fukuoka Prefecture, other parts of Kyushu and Honshu. In July 2016, we opened a new store in AEON MALL Yachiyomidorigaoka (Chiba).

  Floor space Date opened Product categories
INCUBE Tenjin Approx. 4,150m2 April 1999 Stationary,
health products,
household items,
miscellaneous goods,
INCUBE Kurume Approx. 570m2 June 2009
INCUBE Konoha mall Hashimoto Approx. 800m2 April 2011
INCUBE Park Place Oita Approx. 780m2 June 2013
INCUBE Sasebo Gobangai Approx. 930m2 December 2013
INCUBE Sunlive City Kokura Approx. 970m2 March 2014
INCUBE AEON MALL Nagoyachaya Approx. 850m2 June 2014
INCUBE Onoda Sunpark Approx. 890m2 October 2014
INCUBE AEON MALL Kyoto Katsuragawa Approx. 420m2 October 2014
INCUBE Chacha Town Kokura Approx. 560m2 October 2014
INCUBE Marui Kichijoji Approx. 300m2 October 2014
INCUBE AEON MALL Kashiihama Approx. 800m2 December 2015
INCUBE AEON MALL Yachiyomidorigaoka Approx. 890m2 July 2016

(As of the end of March, 2016)